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1 piano 4 hands
Das himmlische Leben (with song)
Les Ballets Russes
Norwegian Tour
Invitation to the dance

2 pianos 4 hands
An Alpine Concert
Les Ballets Russes
Mediterranean colours
Made in Belgium
American Dream
The heroic Richard Strauss (with violin)
The Sea (with song)

Made in Belgium (2 pianos 4 hands)

A whole program of Belgian music for 2 pianos ? That's the challenge taken by the Mahler Piano Duo! Small on the world map, Belgium is nevertheless huge in its potential of creativity and imagination, which is demonstrated by this attractive and diversified program that will amaze and surprise the public. It is made by works from past and present, from the North as well from the South of the country.

The major work of this program is the suite Gemini by Frederik Devreese, vital, rythmically strong and invigorating ballet music that depicts allegorically the different stages in the life of twins, from birth to death.

Jean Absil, Asymétries
Frank Nuyts, Rastapasta
Laurent Beeckmans, Danses dans le Mode de Si
Michel Lysight, Métaphores
Frederik Devreese, Gemini