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1 piano 4 hands
Das himmlische Leben (with song)
Les Ballets Russes
Norwegian Tour
Invitation to the dance

2 pianos 4 hands
An Alpine Concert
Les Ballets Russes
Mediterranean colours
Made in Belgium
American Dream
The heroic Richard Strauss (with violin)
The Sea (with song)

The heroic Richard Strauss (2 pianos 4 hands + solo violon)

This program includes two major symphonic poems of the late romantic Richard Strauss, the genre in which he excelled. Both works show great virtuosity and boldness, but also tremendous colour splendours and boundless imagination. In A Hero’s Life he musically portrays in a symbolic way the life of a hero – that is, the struggling artist – in all its defeats and victories. An additional solo violin brilliantly depicts the hero’s companion.

And it is another hero that is portrayed into the extremely brilliant tone poem Don Juan that had a resounding success at its creation! It broadly follows the story of the eponymous literary hero and contains one of the largest built climaxes in music history.

Richard Strauss, Don Juan op.20
Richard Strauss, A Hero’s Life op.40