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1 piano 4 hands
Das himmlische Leben (with song)
Les Ballets Russes
Norwegian Tour
Invitation to the dance

2 pianos 4 hands
An Alpine Concert
Les Ballets Russes
Mediterranean colours
Made in Belgium
American Dream
The heroic Richard Strauss (with violin)
The Sea (with song)

An Alpine Concert (2 pianos 4 hands)

In 2014, the Mahler Piano Duo was busy with the rather foolish project of arranging the colossal Alpine Symphony by Richard Strauss for 2 pianos. The arrangement is now finished and they are ready to perform it in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of composition of this tremendous work that describes an entire Alpine journey between dawn and dusk, climbing up to the summit, and going down through the whirlwind of a powerful storm.

Along with the premiere of this new arrangement, another great Strauss work will be performed, the brilliant 2 pianos version of Till Eulenspiegelís Merry Pranks made by Otto Singer.

Richard Strauss, Till Eulenspiegelís Merry Pranks op.28
Richard Strauss, An Alpine Symphony op.64