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1 piano 4 hands
Das himmlische Leben (with song)
Les Ballets Russes
Norwegian Tour
Invitation to the dance

2 pianos 4 hands
An Alpine Concert
Les Ballets Russes
Mediterranean colours
Made in Belgium
American Dream
The heroic Richard Strauss (with violin)
The Sea (with song)

American Dream (2 pianos 4 hands)

American music has remarkably found its identity during the 20th century, through an eclecticism born of many musical styles. Composers such as George Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein are well known for the successful way by which they merged the old European traditions with syncopated rhythms characteristic of ragtime and jazz. Aaron Copland managed to create the same kind of symbiosis by integrating the so-called ‘serious music’, the Stravinskian rhythms and folk songs of the Far West and Latin America.

On the other hand it is the spirit of freedom and experimentation that gave birth to the daring and bold music of Charles Ives and John Cage, or the tight lines of the minimalist current, illustrated in this program by a work by John Adams.

Leonard Bernstein, Overture to 'Candide'
Leonard Bernstein, Three Dance Episodes from 'On the Town'
John Adams, China Gates
George Gershwin, Fantasy on Porgy & Bess (arr. Percy Grainger)
Aaron Copland, Three Latin-American Sketches